Mike currently works out of Hackney Road Studio in Hoxton.

The studio has a Neve and an SSL room equipped for different tracking purposes, alongside some stunning outboard gear, vintage microphones and a wonderful instrument collection.
The live room has a Blüthner Aliquot Grand piano, as well as a Premier Birch drum kit, a selection of snares, and a variety of guitars and amps, including Fenders, Marshall and Vox amps.

In addition to the studio’s equipment, Mike has built up a small collection of rare and boutique microphones which are available at no additional cost with all bookings.


£150 / 4-hours inclusive of studio hire.
£20 / hour exclusive of studio hire.

Selected studio microphone list
Neumann U87 P48
Neumann KM84i
Neumann M147 Tube
AKG C12vr
2 x AKG C414
RCA 44bx
2 x Coles 4040
2 x Coles (STC) 4038

Mike’s selected microphone list
Aston Origin large diaphragm condenser
2 x Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina large diaphragm condenser
2 x Sontronics STC1 small diaphragm condenser microphone, with cardioid and omni capsules
sE RNR1 ribbon
Reslo RBT/H ribbon
Heil PR20 dynamic
2 x Heil PR30 dynamic
Heil PR35 dynamic
Heil PR40 dynamic
Shure 520D dynamic
Shure 55 dynamic
2 x Oktava MD-80m dynamic

Mike’s preamp list
2 x CAPI VP28 preamps
Universal Audio LA-610 mkII channel strip
Audio Kitchen The Big Trees 2.5W valve amp