Mastering PluginsMike provides an online digital mastering service.


£40 a track

  • 10% discount for full albums (10 tracks or more)
  • 2 free revisions
  • free instrumentals if supplied
  • Long song £10 surcharge; for each additional 10 minutes after the first 8 minutes


All masters include files at both original bit-depth/sample-rate, as well as 16-bit/44kHz files, and a DDPi for CD duplication. CD masters, mp3s, NI Stems and alternative formats available on request.

All mastering is done in the box, using the latest UAD, FabFilter and other plug-ins. Analogue processing through a Fairchild 670, Neve 33609, or SSL E-series Buss Compressor is also available on request, with final prints done through Dan Lavry converters to a Synclavier direct-to-disc machine.