Mike Hillier is a freelance audio engineer and music technology journalist, based in London, UK.

Mike began his engineering career at Metropolis Studios, London, where he worked with artists as diverse as Eminem, Rihanna and Scott Walker. Working out of the Metropolis Studios gave Mike access to a huge range of equipment and expertise, from tracking right through to mastering. Since then Mike has worked sessions at various London studios, including Sphere, Britannia Row, and Red Bull. He currently works out of Hackney Road Studios and his own Green Room.

As a journalist Mike is the Pro Tools and Mastering Editor at Music Tech Magazine, where he has also held roles as News and Reviews Editor, and he is a regular contributor to Pro Sound News Europe.

Mike is also the co-founder of the audio industry based meet up #SonicMeet.

If you are interested in working with Mike, get in touch vie e-mail (mikehillier@me.com) or Twitter (@mikehillier).